Thursday, 26 September 2013

A State of Solitude.

Life has been pretty horrid lately. I don't want to bore you with my mental aches and pains. Don't worry, this will not be a virtual counselling  session. Instead I want to share with you some rather radical epiphanies I have encountered in the past few weeks. 
Just to give you some background info I go to a boarding school, which I hate. I am trapped in a valley where the only thing that I see when I look around are cows and trees. This you could say is nice, what more could you want, but believe me, when you are trapped here for weeks without seeing normal civilisation it begins to haunt you. There is even a pupil diagnosis for this which we call "Valley fever". I spend my life just merely existing like a mushroom, everything is planned, there is no spontaneity and I can actually feel my insides collapsing and suffocating. 
To try to overcome this I have tried many pass times over the years for example scrap books, taking photos, learning new instruments, writing a book, even smoking. 
Now getting to the point, I had a crazy epiphany the other day. I am going to make a film. Not a random 10 minuet wonder, I am thinking the full hour and a half viewing. It is rather exciting. I am basing it on a novel I am writing, which is essentially about my idealised life, but of course I can't give away the plot because you might be able to see it for your self when it is completed. 
Now changing the topic, I bought some new clothes the other day...

Skirt- Vintage 
Top- Uniqlo
Necklace- made by me

Shirt- Vintage

So I was looking at film inspiration and watched this film today called Ginger and Rosa, I have to say I did really enjoy it but it is only really good for a depressing mood, but here is the trailer...

Anyway thats enough for now.

Hope you like.


  1. Thanks for your comment!

    Lovely outfits!
    The red skirt is adorable! :)

  2. Oh I've been thinking about watching that movie! That skirt is so cute ahhhhhhh <333 I'm sorry school is not going well :( But your project sounds really exciting!!

    1. Thanks...yea you should so watch it...but be warned it will almost certainly put you in a bad mood.