Saturday, 5 October 2013

Poetic much.

Brick lane- Emily and Ces
White phosphorus, white phosphorus,
mechancial snow,
where are you falling?

I am falling impartially on roads and roofs,
on bamboo thickets, on people.
My name recalls rich seas on rainy nights,
each drop that hits the surface eliciting
luminous response from a million algae.
My name is a whisper of sequins. Ha!
Each of them is a disk of fire,
I am the snow that burns.
                                     I fall
wherever men send me to fall–
but I prefer flesh, so smooth, so dense:
I decorate it in black, and seek
the bone.

Overheard over S.E. Asia BY Denise Levertov

Yesterday was poetry day at school. This was the poem I picked out of the hat. Turns out its about white phosphorus gas which is like really deadly and burns through skin and bone. It is used in wars sometimes. This is what this poem is about. It is beautiful, but also so dark and horrid at the same time. I have kind of learnt to love it now though as I feel I must have chosen this one for a reason.

Hope you like.

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