Saturday, 28 April 2012


So at the moment I have an obsession with the film Juno. We were watching it in a lesson the other day and I remebered how much I loved it. I love Juno's charicter, if you haven't seen this film then I HIGHLY recomend it...such a feel good film.

You know whenyou watch or read something and it really gets to you and you feel you canproperly relate yourslef to the film...I get that with this...not that Im pregant or anything.I just love her veiw on life even in stinking situations.

Movig the living room to the garden..

Juno and Paulie

The famous hamburger phone.

Hope you like.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Last summer I went to Kenya for my first time. It was literally the most increadible experience of my life. Seriously you should concider going. Anyway this trip really got to me...when I came back to England I missed it so much and even decided I would live there when I was older..this is still a concideration.

As Africa and animal prints and all that seems to be all the rage at the mo I thought I might share a few photos...I bet you will fall in love too...

I made this Lion yawn by yawning at it!

 View from the car at one point...Mount Kenya in the distance.

Driving sitting on the roof...this was literally the coolest thing ever!

Me at pride rock (from the lion king) and that generally is the real pride rock!

Ellies...the baby ones are just so sweet

This was so funny, we met these people on the road taking this goat home with them..on a moterbike.

Giraffe...they are so cool.

Some african children coming out of school and walking home.

The airport...I know sooooo cool. No bag scans and stuff, just a casual cafe in the middle of the african plains!

This is the view from the plane...everything is so empty there.

This was the house of our friends who we stayed with in Nivasha beautiful.

Their hoarses in the garden.


Elephants at watering hole.



Ok so that was the sorry if I bored you with photos...but I had to pick them out of 2000 of them so it was the least I could narrow it down too! So thought I better link it into the trend...because you know it's all animal prints and tribal patterns heres a bit of that:

Tribal glasses from H&M

T-shirt and shorts from Urban Outfiters.

Both converse.

T-shirt and Jeans from Urban Outfitters

Bright Pink (Pink) Pink Leopard Print Jeans | 249566876 | New Look

Jeans from Newlook

So there you go hope you like.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Special

Ok so, I have always had a HUGE soft spot for VW camper vans. Every time I ever drove past one in the car..or just happened to see one I always took a photo. They are just so fun and colourful...I dream that my first car would be one...but to be honest I think I am dreaming a bit too much saddly!

About two years ago I decided that my life ambition would be to become a hippy..this passed after a couple of months when it became apparent to me that getting dread locks would mean if I ever wanted to get rid of them I wouldd have to chop out my hair. No way was that going to happen! But still since then I have continued to love VW's.

Anyway here are some photos I found...from here there and everywhere

Gracie- from Snail Trail


From Anthony Shapley

Showed to me by a friend (Eloise)...such a cool photo

From Ian MacKenzie

From suzys vintage attick




LOVE the painting on this

From Volks World

Maybe one day I will get lucky and get one. But for now Im happy to carry on dreaming.

Hope you liked them.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


My friend showed me this song at the begining of the's just so good. I am now having to restrain myself from listening to it, otherwise I will start to get sick of it!

But seriously have a listen..Im sure you will love it.

Please tell me what you think I would love to hear your oppinions.

Hope you like.

Happy Camper.

God doesn't everyone just love a bit of camping...This morining I felt that buzz, when you wake up and look out of your window and see not grey sky but BLUE. To me this is just the best don't feel the need to stay inside all day and wear all your socks to keep your feet warm. Instead you can go, embrace the day and do what ever you feel!

Now that I feel spring is on its way...and summer fast approaching after that, it is time for a few photos which I found...they are all from different places. Sadly I am not sure whose all of them are but I have tryed...

From the beautiful vegan.

By Jess Gough


From The daily Mail.


By Jonnathon Levitt

Hope you like.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Something Crazy is a happnin'

Ok so its the Easter Holidays and traditionally this would mean mild yet sunny weather, ususally known as spring. This year seems to be a bit mental...this time last week I was in my bikini getting a (minor) tan in the scorching british heat. Now I am sat writing this a week later and it is currently flurrying with snow outside my window.

I think I'm not the only one who was prepairing for summer last week...putting the woolies to the back of the wardrobe and out coming the tank tops, sunglasses and the shorts!

Anyway all this aside last week was fun..and I thought I would share a bit of this with you...the photos aren't very interesting but maybe they will keep you buisy for a little longer in this dismal weather.

Hope you like.