Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Special

Ok so, I have always had a HUGE soft spot for VW camper vans. Every time I ever drove past one in the car..or just happened to see one I always took a photo. They are just so fun and colourful...I dream that my first car would be one...but to be honest I think I am dreaming a bit too much saddly!

About two years ago I decided that my life ambition would be to become a hippy..this passed after a couple of months when it became apparent to me that getting dread locks would mean if I ever wanted to get rid of them I wouldd have to chop out my hair. No way was that going to happen! But still since then I have continued to love VW's.

Anyway here are some photos I found...from here there and everywhere

Gracie- from Snail Trail


From Anthony Shapley

Showed to me by a friend (Eloise)...such a cool photo

From Ian MacKenzie

From suzys vintage attick




LOVE the painting on this

From Volks World

Maybe one day I will get lucky and get one. But for now Im happy to carry on dreaming.

Hope you liked them.


  1. I love it!!
    If you have time, I'd love to know your opinion of my fashion blog. It's all about my style between Barcelona and Paris...

  2. Wow! They look so fun to take a road trip in!

  3. i have always loved VW vans too :)

  4. We are SO on the same page! Ever since I saw the movie Hair, I made it my mission to become a hippie . . . I bought flared pants! And yes, I adore those vans. In fact, I was just telling my friend today that I planned on getting a Volkswagen and painted it with flowers and peace signs!