Thursday, 9 January 2014

In Wonderland.

It has been a while. Sorry about that. I have been busying around frantically doing all sorts of university applications and portfolios. Christmas went by like a blur, and now I am back at school and I have that horrid feeling, when you return and it feels like you never left. 
So whilst sitting in my new room at my new desk wondering what I could do to make me feel more at home, writing to you seemed the best remedy. 
This post is about a party I threw at home on Saturday. My 18th Birthday party to be precise. Even though its not actually until the 21st, but it seemed easier to celebrate in the holidays. The theme was Alice in a Winter Wonderland, (I though it was nice to give it a Christmasy twist). My parents and I spent about a week preparing all the decorations, we turned one room into an upside down forrest, which looked so cool that its still there, and I bet it will stay at least another two years. So anyway I will stop with the talking now and show you the eye candy...

The upside down forrest.

The helpful duo.

Cooking...and my mum dressed as a gardener (don't ask!).


Hope you like.


  1. Oh my Lord it looks so cool! The last picture is gorgeous :) Happy Birthday for the 21st!

  2. What a gorgeous looking celebration! Much more refined than the vast majority of 18th bday parties. Happy belated birthday, dear. :)

  3. That seems like so much fun. :)

  4. it looks incredible, hope you had a great time! your decorations were stunning. love your blog (and the film one!) and have just followed both! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so MUCH! that is very exciting haha