Friday, 18 April 2014

Say, Can you see the Sun?

Hello there fellow people. I hope you are all well. I for one am. Having said that, it is the time of year when I find myself sitting at a desk all day "working". Although we all know that half of that time is actually spent starring at the beautiful wall in front of the desk. 
So currently I am enjoying after revision recreation time, and I thought it has been a while, so it was time for another post. 
This post is a bit of everything, some photos from Tumblr (may I apologise in advance for the bad quality of the images), some music and just some general chit chat, so I hope you will enjoy this...

This first photo is of Wes Anderson and Jude Law on the set of Wes's most recent movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. I watched the film on Tuesday having been waiting to watch it for months. I was completely in awe of the entire thing, and I think Wes's films are just the most beautiful and mesmerising creations. It is fair to say he is my chief role model at this time in my life.

Essentially these photos show a sort of mood board of my life at the moment. I found them all on tumblr, I am sorry I do not know the original sources of the photos, but I like them all very much. Each seems to have an underlying story behind, and I love the ambiguity of not knowing what this would be.

Enough of that...moving swiftly onwards, Youtube kindly suggested this video to me today, and indeed I am very fond of it, so fond that I am sharing it with you. The music is very interesting but I found the combination of the film and the music together made the entire experience better. 

Until next time then.