Friday, 30 August 2013


I am home. And very happy to be. It was a sunny lots of sun. We were all like lizards. I am feeling tanned, which is always a nice feeling! I have taken lots of photos, but they will be developed in a couple of days. So for now all we have are my sketches. 
I did a lot of drawing on this holiday, I get a bit bored lying in the sun for hours so I decided to paint instead. So to give you a taster here are my drawings, sorry if they aren't very clear, they are quite hard to photograph...

Above is our friends house, outside on the veranda, the house was called Casa Paloma. I loved this spot, my fave in the hole house.

On the second night there was an absolutely massive storm, like 4 hours long, continuous fork lightning. It was terrifying, but also rather exciting. Anyway after supper we drove up to the light house to see the stormy sea. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The sky was completely black, now and it would flash and it would be bright as day. The white lighthouse sat on the edge of the cliff with nothing around. You could barely see the sea through the rain, but the light on the lighthouse shone for miles. It spun illuminating its path and as we drove away from it I watched it shine on the moor like land until we left it over a hill. It was just so eerie and amazing that I just had to visit it again in the day to see what it actually looked like. We went the next day and I drew these two pictures of it. (One is of the bottom and the other of the top, because I couldn't fit it all on one piece of paper!)

This was the kitchen at the house.

Tree beach. We came here and had a picnic. It was so nice, and you could see the mainland (Ibiza) in the distance.

This was my favourite beach. It was called Regatta Beach I think. Sadly we only came here on our last day so I only went once but it had a lovely combination of rocks and sand. Also you could see the lighthouse on the cliff in the distance which was pretty cool.

Anyway thats all for now, Hope you like.


  1. Oh my wow! You are so good at drawing – these are really lovely :D

  2. my gosh, i love these art works. your so good!

  3. Thank you both so much thats so sweet :)

  4. wowzers lovin' it man - just to be annoying.

    tehe lol.


  5. Wow you are very talented I love your art work! These drawings are absolutely wonderful :) I'm captured by your art you should share more :)

    I'm your new follower :))