Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Lately I have been feeling surprisingly wintery. After about the third week of summer I was kind of over it! Its kind of sad really, I think the majority of us spend most of our time wishing for something we don't have...and with me I tend to wish for the opposite season to the one I am in. So anyway whilst trawling through all my old photos I came across these proper wintery photos I took last winter...so enjoy...if you feel like me this should cheer you up! 

This is our hut on a hill by our house called the fondu hut...because we have fondu in it a lot.

This final photo is one of my favourite places...me and my mum call it 'Our little bit of Canada.'

Hopefully you weren't looking for something to make you feel summery, if so, I am very sorry for bringing down your mood haha.

Hope you like.


  1. They're lovely!
    I don't quite want summer to end yet (I strongly dislike dark at 5pm, as is the habit of British winters), but when it does arrive these photos will make me feel a whole load better about it :)

    1. Haha hmm maybe Im being a bit pessimistic

  2. exactly how I feel sofes. well done on your AS levels blogger best friend. :)

  3. these photos are amazing! I love Winter. It makes everything look so beautiful