Saturday, 30 November 2013

Film Finder.

In history of art today I came up with a fantastical idea. It was this, to make a blog entirely dedicated to my love of films. So I have done that. If you too love films click on the link below and check it out...

(Click on the TV)

Hope you like.

Friday, 29 November 2013

And so we carry on.

Fridays are weird aren't they. In almost every way... (well for me anyway). Firstly at lunch it is always fish...never once will you go to a school lunch on friday and have bangers and mash. I know this is for Christian reasons but it still seems rather odd. Also Fridays always seem to last at least double the duration of any other day of the week, this is probably due to the fact that there is so much more to do in order to have a more relaxed weekend, but still again slightly odd. And finally I always have double choir sessions, which aren't so bad but they seem to take up an enormous amount of time. So anyway this post is going to be a bit random with all sorts going on, to finish my weird day with a bang!

Firstly yesterday I couldn't face the thought of doing any prep so instead I was fiddling around on word after my friend told me you could do some crazy things with pictures on it, and this was my result... I like to call it thought tree, because its basically a head with a tree over it, but I thought it looked pretty awesome.

(The tree is a photo I took and home, and the person is me.)

Secondly I thought it was high time that I mentioned to you lovely people about my new obsession...The Mortal Instruments. You may have heard about them, they are a series of books written by Cassandra Clare, the first of which has been turned into a major film; The City of Bones. This stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower (who I am unnecessarily in love with). I seriously recommend that you read the books (there are 5) and/ or watch the film. The DVD comes out at the end of January which is rather sad because I would definitely have been asking for that for Christmas! And even more tragically word on the street is that they have postponed filming of the second one due to not enough views of the first!! That was definitely an advertising fault on their behalf, because I only heard about it when it was too late for me to see it in the cinema! Anyway below is the trailer... watch and love.

Following this  thought I might enlighten you on my newest items of clothing, two t-shirts, pretty regular but I live in them. The first is white, completely plain and pretty big (it was my dads) and the second is black with NYC written on it, which is quite funny because I bought it in one of my local charity shops for £3, and this place is literally the furthest thing you can get from New York. It made me laugh, but anyway, it was one of the best purchases ever! Although I think my mum is beginning to worry I am becoming a shopaholic, we went with the intention of buying groceries and I returned with a t-shirt and a DVD (Wimbledon...a classic)...

And lastly an inspirational band for the day...


I saw him live in half term in Norfolk and was blown away, his music is amazing and so different from anything I have ever heard before. After the concert my friends and I went to talk to him and he was so nice. I hope he does really well because he deserves to...

have a listen...

This is my favourite song in the album, Magic Kids.

Hopefully all this chit chat hasn't quite bored you to death...I would be impressed if you had made it to here really...if so GOLD STAR for you! 

So there we go, another Friday down, only a couple more until Christmas! 

Hope you like.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ghost World.

So I have been finding myself home alone an awful lot lately and so consequently have been watching  a lot of you may have gathered from the film posts...
Tonight I stumbled upon a film called Ghost World. I was expecting something pretty normal and regular but I was seriously impressed. I love how weird it was. It is hard to explain without watching it but you would have to watch it.
It was filmed in 2001. There is something so great about films from this time...its like at the time I was like 5 or 6 and consequently didn't watch this kind of thing at the time..I was probably more about like The Little Mermaid back then haha. Anyway the fashion is awesome. And so is the story...


Hope you like

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Carrie Diaries.

The Carrie Diaries has been around for almost a year now, but we are currently in the middle of series 2. I love it, it is basically a prequel to sex in the city, about Carrie when she was about 17. It is very light hearted and has a pretty gentle story line, but for some reason I cant really get enough of it. 
It is set in the 80's and there is quite a lot of emphasis on the clothes from back then which I find quite interesting...

The trailer...

Watch it on The CW on Fridays.

Hope you like.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Some photos taken at school on the abandoned life guard seat. It was an opportunity which could not be missed.

Coat- Vintage
Leggings- (dont know...I cut out the label..stupid me!)
Necklace- Random French Market
Trainers- Asics 
Black top- Uniqlo

Hope you like.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Poetic much.

Brick lane- Emily and Ces
White phosphorus, white phosphorus,
mechancial snow,
where are you falling?

I am falling impartially on roads and roofs,
on bamboo thickets, on people.
My name recalls rich seas on rainy nights,
each drop that hits the surface eliciting
luminous response from a million algae.
My name is a whisper of sequins. Ha!
Each of them is a disk of fire,
I am the snow that burns.
                                     I fall
wherever men send me to fall–
but I prefer flesh, so smooth, so dense:
I decorate it in black, and seek
the bone.

Overheard over S.E. Asia BY Denise Levertov

Yesterday was poetry day at school. This was the poem I picked out of the hat. Turns out its about white phosphorus gas which is like really deadly and burns through skin and bone. It is used in wars sometimes. This is what this poem is about. It is beautiful, but also so dark and horrid at the same time. I have kind of learnt to love it now though as I feel I must have chosen this one for a reason.

Hope you like.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A State of Solitude.

Life has been pretty horrid lately. I don't want to bore you with my mental aches and pains. Don't worry, this will not be a virtual counselling  session. Instead I want to share with you some rather radical epiphanies I have encountered in the past few weeks. 
Just to give you some background info I go to a boarding school, which I hate. I am trapped in a valley where the only thing that I see when I look around are cows and trees. This you could say is nice, what more could you want, but believe me, when you are trapped here for weeks without seeing normal civilisation it begins to haunt you. There is even a pupil diagnosis for this which we call "Valley fever". I spend my life just merely existing like a mushroom, everything is planned, there is no spontaneity and I can actually feel my insides collapsing and suffocating. 
To try to overcome this I have tried many pass times over the years for example scrap books, taking photos, learning new instruments, writing a book, even smoking. 
Now getting to the point, I had a crazy epiphany the other day. I am going to make a film. Not a random 10 minuet wonder, I am thinking the full hour and a half viewing. It is rather exciting. I am basing it on a novel I am writing, which is essentially about my idealised life, but of course I can't give away the plot because you might be able to see it for your self when it is completed. 
Now changing the topic, I bought some new clothes the other day...

Skirt- Vintage 
Top- Uniqlo
Necklace- made by me

Shirt- Vintage

So I was looking at film inspiration and watched this film today called Ginger and Rosa, I have to say I did really enjoy it but it is only really good for a depressing mood, but here is the trailer...

Anyway thats enough for now.

Hope you like.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Now that I am back at school I have little to do with my life but to try and keep in touch with the outside world. This has lead me to trawling the net for new artists and cool people to distract me from boring things such as work. So anyway the other day I found this band called MS MR. I don't know if you have ever heard of them, I sure hadn't, but they seem pretty cool. Their first album came out in May this year and is called "Secondhand Rapture". Anyway here are a couple of their songs so you can have a listen...



Think of you.

Hope you like.

Monday, 2 September 2013


These are the photos from my holiday in Formentera...some of them didn't get developed annoyingly but hey.. here we go:

Anyway got to go to school now. I know sad sad times. But hey least I will be in Upper 6th!

Hope you like.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

New Stuff.

When I was in Formentera I got some new clothes, even having promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything until the end of summer! Anyway I got this awesome orange jumper and some hounds tooth leggings...

(There is actually a hood on the back of the jumper but you cant see it) Anyway bit random but there ya go

Hope you like.

Friday, 30 August 2013


I am home. And very happy to be. It was a sunny lots of sun. We were all like lizards. I am feeling tanned, which is always a nice feeling! I have taken lots of photos, but they will be developed in a couple of days. So for now all we have are my sketches. 
I did a lot of drawing on this holiday, I get a bit bored lying in the sun for hours so I decided to paint instead. So to give you a taster here are my drawings, sorry if they aren't very clear, they are quite hard to photograph...

Above is our friends house, outside on the veranda, the house was called Casa Paloma. I loved this spot, my fave in the hole house.

On the second night there was an absolutely massive storm, like 4 hours long, continuous fork lightning. It was terrifying, but also rather exciting. Anyway after supper we drove up to the light house to see the stormy sea. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The sky was completely black, now and it would flash and it would be bright as day. The white lighthouse sat on the edge of the cliff with nothing around. You could barely see the sea through the rain, but the light on the lighthouse shone for miles. It spun illuminating its path and as we drove away from it I watched it shine on the moor like land until we left it over a hill. It was just so eerie and amazing that I just had to visit it again in the day to see what it actually looked like. We went the next day and I drew these two pictures of it. (One is of the bottom and the other of the top, because I couldn't fit it all on one piece of paper!)

This was the kitchen at the house.

Tree beach. We came here and had a picnic. It was so nice, and you could see the mainland (Ibiza) in the distance.

This was my favourite beach. It was called Regatta Beach I think. Sadly we only came here on our last day so I only went once but it had a lovely combination of rocks and sand. Also you could see the lighthouse on the cliff in the distance which was pretty cool.

Anyway thats all for now, Hope you like.

Friday, 23 August 2013


Hello lovely people. Tomorrow is a very exciting day. Me and my mum are going on a last minuet holiday to Formentera...a beautiful island a 30 minuet ferry journey off Ibiza. I am so thankful for this  because I was beginning to dread the awful lead up to school. So anyway I wont be around here for a week...I feel it will be a cleansing week without internet and I will feel good about life at the end (I know great optimism and I am sure after a week back in school I will be all glum again but for now all is good). 

Peace out.
See you in September.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Moon Glasses.

Yesterday I spent the day with my Grandma at her house in Cumbria. She has lived there since my dad was a long time. Every time I go I make it my mission to find something really cool and old. I went to rummage through her attic and found some great little gems! 

Above are my grandmas "moon glasses" as she called them. She told me she used to have so many pairs of crazy sunglasses, but that people would sneak them into their bags after picnics because she said she was "quite the sunglasses queen".

I found a whole pile of old vogue's amongst some old country life's. All are from various years in the 1970's. They are so fun to look at, the fashion is sometimes quite funny! Below are some pages from a few of them...

Hope you like.