Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ghost World.

So I have been finding myself home alone an awful lot lately and so consequently have been watching  a lot of you may have gathered from the film posts...
Tonight I stumbled upon a film called Ghost World. I was expecting something pretty normal and regular but I was seriously impressed. I love how weird it was. It is hard to explain without watching it but you would have to watch it.
It was filmed in 2001. There is something so great about films from this time...its like at the time I was like 5 or 6 and consequently didn't watch this kind of thing at the time..I was probably more about like The Little Mermaid back then haha. Anyway the fashion is awesome. And so is the story...


Hope you like


  1. Ah, I always see photos of this movie floating around tumblr. Thank you for the recommendation, def. putting it on my movie list.

  2. Watching Ghost World was a weird experience for me because I was only a few months old when it first came out and looking back on the style and culture of 2001 was really cool. It's a really amazing movie and I recommend the book too.


    1. yea I totally agree...I wish I was old enough to appreciate the fashion then!

  3. Ah me and my friend have plans to watch it at some point because it looks so amazing *o* xxx glad to know you liked it!