Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Moon Glasses.

Yesterday I spent the day with my Grandma at her house in Cumbria. She has lived there since my dad was a long time. Every time I go I make it my mission to find something really cool and old. I went to rummage through her attic and found some great little gems! 

Above are my grandmas "moon glasses" as she called them. She told me she used to have so many pairs of crazy sunglasses, but that people would sneak them into their bags after picnics because she said she was "quite the sunglasses queen".

I found a whole pile of old vogue's amongst some old country life's. All are from various years in the 1970's. They are so fun to look at, the fashion is sometimes quite funny! Below are some pages from a few of them...

Hope you like.


  1. Love those glasses! My parents have an amazing collection of old editions of Vogue, and it's so brilliant to look through them :D

  2. I love old magazines, but none of my family members ever collected any. These are so awesome and they must be great to look through xx

  3. I love this post. I love finding old things when I visit my grandparents in sweden.

  4. Haha thanks all of you...yea I know...such a bonus finding free stuff which means something as well :)