Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Prada & Helena Bonham Carter. Need I say anymore.

I just happen upon this. It is so simple and just so great. Oh do watch it, you know you want to. Its only 3 minuets and 30 seconds. 

Hope you like.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Half term has been mad. I have done all sorts and been everywhere. Well not quite but it feels like. Last week my mum and I took a 1000 mile road trip down south to go to my interviews for Uni ( TERRIFYING). Anyway on our trip we went to a number of different places, in a number of different counties, but the best had to be Cornwall. I love it so much there, it is so amazingly beautiful and the light seems so much clearer down there too...but that might just be me getting over excited!

Weirdly this photo really reminds me of the Hunger Games, being trapped in the dome in which the games are played. I find it so eerie that you can see the silhouettes of the trees outside.

My dad and I went on a day trip to a local museum of ours earlier on in the holiday called the Bowes Museum. Currently it has an exhibition on by Gavin Turk. It shows a series of colourful lights really.

The number represents the exact number of people on the planet the moment it was put up.

I thought this photo was so interesting, I don't know where the lobster on the left came from, but its quite amazing!

Hope you like.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Give it some perspective.

I came across Rafael Araujo’s work today whilst scanning through this website. I was literally blown away. As a keen and avid artist myself I feel a connection with most art work that I see. I always seem to put myself into the artists position and ask myself, could I ever do something like that?! Usually the result is that I wont know unless I try and consequently I find myself reaching for the nearest pencil and having a go. Basically what I am rambling on about it that work like this inspires me. It makes me want to look closer and imagine every line being drawn. 
I couldn't resist showing you all this, Rafael Araujo is an artist who works a lot, like A LOT with perspective, but his work has an interesting twist, because he adds insects and natural forms into it. He spends many many hours making these masterpieces. It is totally worth it though. 

Well here are some photos of his work, there is more information about them here, where I got the photos from.

Hope you like.