Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What do we see that others don't?

A lingering thought in my mind. Vision. Sight. Perspective.

The way that others see things is completely different  to the way I see things. How are some people, like the great Claude Monet able to create paintings of intense beauty. And others wouldn't stand a chance at even drawring a simple bucket?


It just amazes me the way in which different people interpret things. How people can differ so much from one another, although we are all the same kind.

The most mind boggoling thing of all about sight is, I find, colour.

Grass- Green-?
Carrots- Orange-?
Sky- Blue-?

Everyone knows what colour grass is. Colour is one of the first thing we learn as a child. But...Why is grass green? It sure is green for me...but is my green the same as your green? My green could be blue to you, for all I know. But thats how I learnt it. You see colours are names given to things to describe them...but it isn't neciserily what everyone else see's. ...?

What I am getting at is.................this sheep. It is red. It looks wrong. But. Red could be white to someone else. In which case we now see what they see...but also they now see what we see....that is if red turns to white for them.

Just a thought. You may want to ponder it for a while.

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