Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Intro.

Hello to any of you lovely people who are reading my blog right now. First thing- I know it has been months since my last post, just been super busy.

Anyway I propose a new idea, to keep my blog going I am going to do a weekly post. This gives me a structure to work to. I propose to do a piece on school fashion each week, perhaps about a specific person, or a style. Im hoping this will be interesting, you see I go to a boarding school in Yorkshire where we seem slightly cut of from the rest of fashion and so the outfits can sometimes be supprisingly new and funky. So we shall see how this goes, please comment with any ideas!

Here are some warm up photos to get us in the mood:


  1. I look forward to see more of your school fashion posts. One thing I like about this post is the funky outfits which are more like old days. I find it unique as well.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You need not to be jealous. I've not been in Kenya for 3yrs now, I feel like am going crazy coz I terribly miss that place, but I'm happy that i'll soon be travelling home. You welcomed to come with me :-D

    I'm following you now. you can follow me if you like :)

    1. haha thank you well I will have to hop in your suitcase :P

  2. I like your idea of featuring different school fashion styles. Actually, while reading this, a blog you might enjoy sprang to mind- have you ever been to My little sister introduced me to the blog months ago and it seems to be in keeping with your future blog posts.