Monday, 7 January 2013


So I don't know if you have heard of Alt-J or not but they are an English band doing incredibly well. They recently won the Mercury Prize for their first album, An Awesome Wave, which is pretty good. So anyway I love Alt-J, and fortunately for me my God father is a man of many wonders and managed to get me a signed record for amazing!! 
This gave us an excuse to get the record player working again, which we succeeded in and so I took some photos of it ( because it still feels like a dream) so here you go.

I would put a you tube clip of these songs but they don't seem to work on here so you will have to look them up. Sorry

Hope you like.


  1. i commend you for having a record rather than downloading it off the internet! i will definitely check them out

  2. haha thanks...yea you should...they are amazing.

  3. I know them, they're brilliant, lucky you got a signed record! I adore your blog and I think you have a really good taste not only because of your style but also your taste in music! xxxx