Saturday, 23 March 2013

Purple Lipstick.

This post is really random...I was aware that I have been seriously infrequent with my posts. So purple lipstick inspired me. So for christmas I got some purple lipstick from topshop. It is literally the coolest colour ever. I really think people need to be more adventurous with this kind of thing these days. When I wore it at school everyone seemed to like it, but most people were like, "yea its so cool but I could never wear it." which I find totally ridiculous. People are so judgemental when it comes to stuff which is like ever so slightly out of the box it sickens me. So seriously if your reading this (which will only be a minute amount of people, lets be frank we wont be breaking headlines with this one, but whatever small is powerful) you should totally try and wear something which you wouldn't normally wear once a week. I am doing it to...its quite fun really. 

Anyway here are some photos of purple, and dark lipstick:

Hope you like.

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