Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Room.

I love my room so much. I have had it my whole life. My mum constantly feels guilty because my only windows are on the roof, but I reassure her on a regular basis that I don't mind and that I don't suffer from some sort of problem due to lack of sun light. 
The coolest thing is that my bed is like in the sky as  I like to say. It can be a bit of  a faf getting up and down when your super tired but its so totally worth it! I change the lay out of my room regularly...I get bored really easily haha. Anyway here are so photos...

So there you room!

Hope you like.


  1. your room is so cool! ah I wish I had a room like this

  2. Sweet baby jesus your room is amazing, I love it

  3. Your room is amazing! I love that bed and that the back of your door is a blackboard!


    1. Hahah thanks yea i know its so much fun!!