Friday, 12 July 2013

Soul Surfer.

So on the last week of term my friend and I made this sweet den in an empty dorm. We made like a mattress fortress and got loads of popcorn and crisps and stuff and had a feast whilst watching Soul Surfer. I was expecting just another nice happy feel good american movie, little did I know it would completely change my perspective on life! 
Anna-Sofia Robb stars as the main character, playing Bethany Hamilton (who is the actual person whom the story is based on.) Without giving away the entire movie I will give a brief outline. Basically it is set in Hawaii and Bethany and her best friends are professional surfers, and whilst training for a competition Bethany's arm gets bitten off by a shark (true story as well!). Anyway it is about how she has the strength and will power to carry on living life after this horrible thing and also to help others. Seriously, WATCH IT. You will not regret it.
I loved it so much that the other day I got my friend to come surfing with we made the hour trip to the sea and taught our selves to surf!! 

This is Anna-Sofia with Bethany Hamilton (the girl she plays in the film).

Hope you like.


  1. Hamilton rocks and so does Anna Sophia! I loved the movie so bad when I watched it! I know how to stand up in a board but that's all I do... my brother does the rest :P
    I'm glad you like the header <3

    1. haha yea Im the same I find it so hard to stand though haha but its so fun! Yea its literally one of the best films ever!!