Monday, 17 November 2014

The Cross Roads.

I have reached a turning point in both this art foundation course but also life. Today I had my assessment, which is basically when the tutors look at your art work and tell you what you are going to specialise in. So basically they tell you what you are going to spend, hopefully the rest of your life doing. SCARY! 

So it would seem I am going to study film. WOOOOOOO!! This is actually so great, it was definitely what I was hoping for. 

Oh also I have a fringe now! It was quite a spontaneous thing I was in my friend Zoë's room the other night and we just did it. It was very funny. Anyway so this is what I look like now...

(this fabulous photo was taken by Hattie in Berlin last week) not too sure what is going on with the curtain look...I am still working on getting rid of my parting!

So anyway I am pretty sure that I must have told you about my love of Marika Hackman sometime before, I have been learning her music on the guitar for over a year now. One day hopefully soon I will record some of it and you can listen to it, but for now lets just stick to the original. God she is great. So she brought out a new song this month which I LOVE so much. I think its my new fave...

Make sure you give that ^ a listen.

Hope you like.