Thursday, 30 October 2014

Stop Motion Animation

I have been doing foundation for what feel like a while now, this is probably because we don't have half terms, which does kinda suck. But hey, life goes on. So today I spent 6 hours making a 7 second stop motion animation. Yes I know that seems REALLY short. But it does look cool. The aim was for everyone in the group to evolve a picture of themselves into and animal and then into the next person in the group so they could all be put together to make one long continuous reel. Pretty cool! 

Anyway this is my animation check it out.... (somewhere in the middle it turns into a tortoise but you will miss it if you blink.)

Hope you like.


  1. This must be the most adorable video I have seen in a while. I worked on stop animation in school and I really liked it, I should probably give it another try. It's a lot of work but the end results is usually worth it !

    Charlie xx

    1. haha thank you that is so kind! Yes I am not sure I could do it as a job I think it could get a little repetitive