Friday, 19 June 2015

p l a n t

As usual, it has been a while. I have just been living, you know how it is. 

I have completed my art foundation course since I last posted; the photo above is my film poster for the film that I made for the final project. You can watch this here... P L A N T 

The film is for sure my best so far, which I suppose is lucky because it would be pretty demoralising if I was getting worse! I got a distinction for it (yay) so that was nice.

Anyway in other news I would now like to consider myself a true aspiring film director. So consequently this blog will become more and more related to film, I would assume. Which is awesome fun so please stick around!

I am very much in holiday mode now and so am beginning summer projects. This entails the creation of another film, which probably, I need to write. So if anyone has any ideas for a story line I would so so SOOOO appreciate it if you would let me know. Also on this point I AM IN SEARCH FOR COLLABORATORS, maybe musicians who need a music video, or writers, or fashion designers, etc please comment below, or alternatively email me at:


  1. I love this! It is so sweet and tender. A lot of the stylistic touches reminded me of "Submarine" and the use of color was fabulous (I also enjoyed the birds-eye view shots). I would totally be down to collaborate as a writer if you are interested! I've been working on a few lil adaptations of some of my favorite short stories.


  2. awesome awesome! I'v sent you an email..

  3. I absolutely love the film! it's filmed beautifully and I love the message behind it all!
    I'd love to collaborate as a writer. I will for sure contact you as soon as I have any ideas!
    Jade x

  4. i loved watching this, really really really cool x