Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Film Finder Is BACK

A few years ago I started a film review blog, called film finder. As usual, I seem to have neglected it for a couple of those years. Today though, I return and I am giving it a re-birth of sorts.
I will be reviewing films of all sorts, both past and present, regularly. So, please, if you are in search of something new to watch, or find yourself curious of other peoples opinions towards certain films, come and take a look. 

The link is HERE.

In other news, fret not, this blog here is not yet over. I will continue to post here little and often as I have been over the last few years. There are some exciting projects that I am working on at the moment to look forward to over the next year or so!

And to complete this post here are some road dancing photos of Hattie and I on the eve of my 20th birthday. 

Hope you like.